Live Coaching And Mentoring to Enjoy Life More.

Finally, affordable mentoring and coaching

The challenge many people face is finding accessible and affordable ways to improve their lives.

Unfortunately, the high cost of expert guidance often acts as a barrier to those seeking help. With gatekeepers charging thousands of dollars for advice on personal growth and development, it's simply not feasible for everyone to invest such large sums of money to move forward in life.

That's why we created The Mentoring Centre. A low-cost environment for you to get guidance on how to live a better life.

We have 2 plans. Free and Paid.

Our Free Plan

You'll gain access to live classes hosted by Doug that are designed to transform the way you think. Additionally, you'll receive bonus lessons that you can revisit as often as you like.

Be More Group Coaching

For a more personalized and guided experience. This plan offers an array of weekly events tailored to your specific needs, including 

  • Hot Seat Coaching
  • Mindset Book Club

Our approach is simple; addresses key areas of life such as relationships, career, self-image, and mindset to help you achieve personal growth and lasting success.


At our Mentoring Centre, we are going to provide One Time Purchase for a variety of paid courses. 

Starting off with including Mistaken Identity Lessons. With the help of Doug Dane, you can work through the book and let go of a past that's holding you back.